School Fees & Bus Fees
Fee Particulars Per Student Amount (in SR) Mode of payment Last Date
 of Payment Without Fine

Admission Form & Prospectus 50.00 One time  
Admission Fee (Non Refundable) 500.00 One time During the time of Admission
Arts &Sports(I to XII)

Activity Fee (Kindergarten)

One time Up to 30th April

IT Fees (Classes III to XII)(Except plus two students who opt Biology) 150.00 One time
5 Student Amenities (School Magazine, ID card, Library Fee, Insurance etc.) 180.00 One time
6 lab Fee per quarter (only for classes IX to XII) Except Plus Two Students who opt for commerce stream 150.00 Quarterly 1stQuarter
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter
10th May
10th February
7 Tuition Fee per month K.G to IV
(SR 375 per month)
375.00 Monthly (12 months) Every Month 10thof the next month
(Except for the month of March)
V to XII (SR 400 per month) 400.00 Monthly (12 months)
8 Transportation Fee (Monthly/Quarterly) 175.00/525.00(Zone A)
200.00/600.00(Zone B)
225.00/675.00(Zone C)
For details of the Zone Please contact School Office Monthly
10th of the next month (Exceptfor the month of March)
1st Quarter-10th May
2nd Quarter-10th august
3rd Quarter-10th November
4th Quarter-10th February

  • The school management reserves the right to revise the School Fees at any time.
  • The bus fees must be paid along with the tution fee of the current month.
  • The fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • The bus fees for the full month will be charged if a student has used the school bus for a single day during that month.
  • For cancellation of bus service,an advance notice of 15 days before the start of the quarter from which the bus service is to be discontinuedis essentially required.
  • A late fee of SR 10/-per student per month will be charged after the last date of payment as given above .