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School Fees & Bus Fees

S.No. Fee Particulars Per Student Amount
(in SR)
Mode of payment Frequency of Payment Last Date of Payment Without Fine
1 Admission Form & Prospectus 50.00 One time At the time of Admission  
2 Admission Fee
(Non Refundable)
500.00 One time At the time of Admission  
3 Arts &Sports(I to XII)
Activity Fee (Kindergarten)
One time Along with the first monthly installment Up to 30th April
4 IT Fees (Classes III to XII) 150.00 One time
5 Student Amenities
(School Magazine, ID card, Library Fee, Insurance etc.)
180.00 One time
6 Lab Fee per quarter
(only for classes IX to XII)
150.00 Quarterly 1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter
10th May
10th August
10th November
10th February
7 Tuition Fee for K.G to IV(SR.375 per month) 375.00 Monthly
(12 months)
Every Month 10th of the next month
(Except for the month of March )
Tuition Fee for V to XII
(SR.400 per month)
400.00 Monthly
(12 months)
Every Month
8 Transportation Fee(Monthly)
(Only Applicable for 10 months i.e. not Applicable during summer vacation)
(Zone A)
(Zone B)
(Zone C)
(10 Months Only)
Every Month
For Details of the zone, please contact school office

  • It is mandatory for all students in X and XII classes to clear the fees of the academic year up to the month of March before the issue of admit card.
For all the other classes, the fees of the academic year should be paid ´┐Żbefore the beginning of the Annual examinations.
  • All payments are subjected to VAT as per the rules.

  • The School Management reserves the right to revise the School Fees at any time.
  • Bus fee must be paid along with the Tuition Fee of the respective month.
  • The fee once paid will not be refunded.
  • The bus fee for the full month will be charged if a student has used the school bus for a single day during that month.
  • For cancellation of bus service, an advance notice of 7 days before the start of the month from which the bus service is to be discontinued is essentially required.
  • A late fee of SR 10/- per student per month will be charged after the last date of payment as given above.