School Norms And Values
  • The school aims to provide quality education. 2. The school reserves the right to dismiss students whose diligence or progress in studies is found unsatisfactory or whose guardians show little interest in the progress of their wards.Immorality, grave insubordination, contempt of authority and wilful damage to school property are sufficient reasons for immediate dismissal of a student.
  • Genuine respect and love towards teachers are important values woven into the teacher-student relationship
  • Every student is responsible for the safe –keeping of his/her belongings. The school does not accept any responsibility for their loss. Students are not allowed to bring valuable articles like ornaments to school. In no case, students are allowed to keep excss money with them
  • In the absence of a teacher, the monitor will see that order and silence are maintained. If the teacher does not reach the class within the first three minutes of a period, the monitor should send his assistant to inform the Principal / Vice Principal
  • Parents/ Guardians are not permitted to visit their ward and their teachers in the classrooms without written permission from the Principal / Vice Principal
  • Students must come to the school in complete school uniform except on birthdays/ special occasions. Repeated violation of uniform norms will result in strict disciplinary action against the defaulter